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Join the WaiSite Community. If you have products to sell then go have a look at WaiStore, if you are a tradie go see WaiTradies, if you provide a service go see WaiServices and if you are a community minded business go view WaiCommunity.

Web Design

Smart, affordable, practical. We can design you a website to include newsletters, galleries, sliders, portfolios catalogues, pop-ups, pricing tables or even ecommerce, or, we can keep it simple, yet functional, with just the basics.

Web Site Hosting

We now have our own hosting solutions. We have kept it basic meaning you dont have to pay for all the bells and whistles but the company we have joined with to provide the hosting is New Zealand owned and operated and their support is great. Check out our pricing charts.

Temp Work

If you need some help for an hr, a day, a week or more, we can help. If you just need an extra pair of hands to get a job done then give us a call. Most tasks undertaken, within reason.


No time to do your invoicing and your book work has become an issue, then let us deal with it for you. We can keep things moving along so that the end of year trip to the accountant isant so intimidating.

Call Center

Are you losing potential customers because you cant answer your phone?? Then redirect to Wai Biz Niz and let us take your calls. We will work out a system that allows you to keep working but also keeps your customers happy.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Sandy is that rare bird, an absolute techie genius in all things web-design, coding-related, who communicates in completely understandable “human”. She’s always quick to respond and has been a lot of fun to work with.

Everything I asked her for on my site she accomplished with panache and ease and artistic flair. She attacked problems in an initial horrible Joomla platform forthrightly with a droll humor that made its irrationality bearable, completing the design and functionality of a half-built site that had been mangled and ultimately attacked by a virus in India.

As soon as my boss OK-d a switch to WordPress, she briskly recreated the broken website’s capabilities from its tattered remnants, seamlessly migrating what was left into a much improved version with additional capabilities in WordPress.

I can’t recommend her more highly. She is artistic, knowledgable, and just super competent. She clearly knows all that techie stuff in order to do everything she can do, but never speaks in that techie jargon. She makes creating a web design seem as simple as picking up a pencil.

Susan Kraemer

It was from humble beginnings, way back in 2011, that I first started my Formal Dress Boutique from a room under my home. Sandy entered the scene and provided me with a nice, simple catalogue style website.

I knew nothing about the world wide web back then, however, Sandy came to the rescue and started teaching me. As time went by, over the last 6 years, my website has evolved into what it is today, an online store, and my business has grown and grown.

I am thrilled with what Sandy has put together. With the demographics in my area, the target market that i provide for is across the board. Sandy has built a website that started with just a few products, into hundreds of items and more than a few categories. I have stretched her and stretched her with so many ideas and changes along the way that the site I have now is nothing like it was in the beginning.

We have grown so much over the years and I know we will continue to grow. I have so many ladies comment on my website, and how easy it is to navigate. “Less is more”, I say, and this is all I need. I am so happy with the graphics and the platform with which Sandy has built my website on. Thank you so much Sandy, I can see us continuing to evolve as the industry permits. Very Grateful Customer here.

Shirley Agnew
Its Your Moment

I Had Sandy Joblin create the Graphics for my signwriting and then follow on to create the Backline Landscapes website. She did an amazing job at getting my business off the Ground!

She first designed the graphics on my truck with huge attention to detail. I was after a point of difference to make people turn and look and asked for some Cartoon style/ Anime idea and wanted some gardening in the print. We went through a few ideas we both had and then Sandy went away and created a masterpiece! which included all of my employees, at that time, in cartoon style, doing what they do best and also incorporated our much loved hounds while managing to paint a picture of exactly what we are about. It has definitely been a topic of conversation with random people in all walks commenting on how cool it is, and has also got us “out there”.

She Then created our website which I left up to her and is also amazing. It includes bits about us all as a team, lots of photos of completed work, customer testimonials, my story of where I come from in the working world along with the normal contact information etc.

I do have to update pictures as a lot of creating has been finished since we last looked but Sandy is always happy to help and very reliable and creative! I need to give her a call and so should you!

Thanks Sandy for all your hard work and good luck with your web design venture, it really suits you and anyone would be blessed to have you help make their business successful.

Louise Lenssen
Backline Landscapes


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